Skills and Qualifications:

~Wrote for an award-winning school newspaper for two semesters.

~Have written creative fiction and non-fiction.

~Have experience in copy editing.

~Have worked in a volunteer/non-profit environment since April, 2009.       Duties: Balancing/handling money, maintaining of facilities and stock in a thrift shop promoting a children’s home.

~Have enjoyed, understood and reported on City Council meetings.

~Trained in audio and video production.

~Trained in photography and Photoshop.

~Comfortable with InDesign.

~Have used Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

~Basic understanding of advertising/marketing and public relations.

~Did Hurricane Katrina relief work for Spring Break, 2008.

~Seasoned traveler who can adapt to different cultures.


~Finished course work at Harding University in May, 2012.

~Finished Summa Cum Laude.

~Was an honors student.

~Graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature on June 2, 2008.

Work History:

~Worked for family-owned business–“Co-Hourt Properties Management”– part-time for the last 8 years doing home-improvement, remodeling, advertising and land lord/tenant relations.

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